We’re here to make IT work

We’re here to make IT work

Bicycle Therapeutics

Smooth transition to a new IT services provider
Fear of losing data or the ability to keep a business running smoothly may put many people off changing their IT services provider.

However, we are able to manage this process smoothly, as biotech company Bicycle Therapeutics found when they came to us in 2014 because their existing IT services supplier was not meeting their expectations.

After successful meetings where our experience and suggestions matched their ambitions and requirements, we successfully took over their IT services contract without a hitch.

Migrating emails
One of our first projects was to migrate their inhouse mail server to Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. This provided an up-to-date cloud service for high up times, flexibility for mobile workers and reducing the complexity of Office licensing.

As part of their ongoing update of operations, we replaced the old desktop computers for all staff with laptops – ensuring they had the latest hardware supported by full warranties. As part of this process, we also replaced their tired telephone hardware with the latest VOIP system – implementing softphones for all users to free-up desk space and provide flexibility for conference calls.

‘Hands-on’ IT support at regular clinics
Three years on from that initial discussion, we are supporting a growing company, and our tailored solutions allow us to adapt and meet their changing requirements. We run fortnightly ‘clinics’ on-site where we tackle any jobs that require ‘hands-on’ support. This also ensures we are always aware of any changing requirements.

Bicycle Therapeutics have recently expanded operations into Boston, US. The IT strategy for their systems is part of our remit, and we liaise with a local IT service provider in Boston for any jobs that require ‘hands-on’ IT support.

Global IT support
With the aid of our remote support tools, we’re able to provision devices for them remotely. We implemented a site-to-site VPN so staff in the US offices could access files in Cambridge without issue. With the advantage of cloud-based services, such as hosted exchange and Skype for Business, teams on either side of the Atlantic have uninterrupted access to emails, calendars and video-conferences as part of an integrated service.

As Bicycle’s business needs have developed and grown, we’ve been able to match any requirement, from provisioning Remote Desktop Services to aid access to third part consultants, to updating their aging and disparate WiFi network with the latest in cloud unified systems.

IT for Starters have been able to match Bicycle Therapeutics’ ambitions in a seamless manner, always able to provide support and guidance for the unique challenges of dealing with a fast growing biotech start-up.

"Working with IT for Starters gives Bicycle one less thing to worry about, confident that we remain at the cutting edge of IT technology and that we can implement and integrate IT solutions quickly and without drama."
Michael Skynner, Vice President, Bicycle Therapeutics

IT for Starters have been responsible for managing and developing the IT infrastructure at Cambridge Mechatronics. Their professionalism and skills are outstanding and the service provided has resulted in an IT environment that is trusted by our team of Cambridge engineers...

Andrew Osmant, Managing Director, Cambridge Mechatronics

IT for Starters offer everything that we, as a start-up business, need from an IT consultancy. They understand our business needs and offer timely, expert and cost-effective IT support on everything from mobile apps to server solutions...

Jerry Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Fingerprinting

IT for Starters are a great team to work with – they’ve supported Horizon’s internal team seamlessly.

Dr Chris Lowe, Head of Research Operations, Horizon Discovery

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