We’re here to make IT work

We’re here to make IT work

Holiday cover for IT managers – the impossible dream?

IT managers rarely enjoy their holidays uninterrupted by work. You know the scenario – on the first day of your well-earned break you’ve just settled back on your sun lounger by the pool with a cold beer in one hand and airport thriller in another when your phone starts beeping. The next half hour is then spent getting Rob from accounts back into the SAP system because he’s forgotten his password.

The following day you’re hoping for a trip around the local market, pricing up a giant straw donkey followed by a jug of sangria in a friendly taverna, when you receive an urgent call to say The MD’s laptop won’t start. And he needs it fixed now. Gah! What’s the point of ever going on holiday?

IT managers are always on call

If you’re a lone IT manager of a company with no one to delegate to when you go on holiday, you end up being on call all the time. You can never switch off and relax and you can’t go on a jungle trek where there’s no mobile reception. It also leaves your company vulnerable to IT problems that can’t be fixed from a distance, such as hardware malfunctions. In some cases it may even be necessary to abandon your trip altogether because there’s no one on the ground who understands your job.

Holiday cover is affordable

But this situation can be avoided, and it isn’t even expensive. An IT manager who never has a proper holiday will become unhappy in their job pretty soon. And a company with no back up when their IT manager is away can lose valuable business hours trying to find someone to fix the problem.

Instead of all this stress, why not arrange some holiday cover? At IT For Starters, we understand the problems of SMEs and start-up businesses who may just have one person looking after their IT. We can be available to look after helpdesk problems virtually or come and work on site. Your company will simply pay for the hours we work – there is only a small retainer to keep us on standby.

We do this regularly for businesses like yours and are there for the small things – such as forgotten passwords or updates that don’t work – and the big ones like broken hardware or data loss.

Find out more about holiday cover for IT managers

Call us on 08450 702 226 or email us at info@itforstarters.com to find out how to book holiday cover through IT For Starters. Why not give IT managers the chance for a break and your business the peace of mind that the IT helpdesk will be there when it is needed?

We offer tailored IT support in Cambridge, Swavesey, St Ives, Ely and Newmarket. To find out more about how we can help you, call us on 08450 702 226 or send us an enquiry.

IT for Starters offer everything that we, as a start-up business, need from an IT consultancy. They understand our business needs and offer timely, expert and cost-effective IT support on everything from mobile apps to server solutions...

Jerry Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Fingerprinting

IT for Starters are aligned with our way of thinking. They understand the dynamic biotech business model that we need to operate within and are tuned to delivering a customised and responsive service that helps us deliver on our company objectives...

Dr Michael Skynner, VP Operations and Discovery, Bicycle Therapeutics

In February 2013 our two businesses came together to form Spirus. Along with the merger, the two offices moved into one new office location. We soon realised it was important to merge our two company systems into one slick, safe and more accessible system with the peace of mind of being fully backed up. What we were looking for in an IT company was...

Tania Verdonk, Managing Director, Spirus Marketing

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